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  • Every Club has their own FSR Certified Referee Assignor

  • FSR also certifies the referees

  • League member clubs set competitive referees' fees to staff their games adequately.

  • Participating clubs pay referee fees and Referee Assignor fees

  • League only gets involved in non-payment, violations, forfeits, etc.

  • Referees do not care who wins and who loses - if they do, let us know!

  • ATTENTION REFEREES - Supplemental reports are due NO LATER THAN 24 to 48 hours after the match [DOC] and [PDF] versions available here

TFL - Referee Fees for 2023/24 season are:

Age Group
Game Lenght
Total Game Fee
Per Team Fee
Fee Split
7v7 (U8, U9, U10)
50 min (2x25)
$38 / $26 / $26
9v9 (U11 and U12)
60 min (2x30)
$46 / $30 / $30
11v11 (U13 and U14)
70 min (2x35)
$52 / $34 / $34
11v11 (U15 and U16)
80 min (2x40)
$64 / $ 38 / $38
11v11 (U17 and older)
90 min (2x45)
$80 (NEW)
$80 / $40 / $40

NEW as of 2022/23 Seasonal Year

FYSA RULE 103.3.4. (League) Will assist member clubs to establish a referee development program in adding newly certified and licensed referees by FSR and US Soccer, and if appropriate, a program to support early youth referees.(NEW)


The Florida League (TFL) is herby willing to assist!

FYSA RULE 104.3.6 (League) Must show that they have assisted the member clubs in establishing a referee development program to add new certified and licensed referees by FSR and US Soccer, and a referee program to support early, entry of youth referees.(NEW)

TFL Referee Assignors List

(please refer to Section 7 of the League Rules and regulations)

League Rules and Regulations - Section 7: Referees

A. Referee assignors - TFL-sanctioned clubs shall be responsible for assigning a three-person, currently certified, referee team to all scheduled home games.

  • A club assignor shall be a currently registered FSR certified assignor, hired and paid by the club they work for.

  • Before a TFL playing season begins, each club shall submit the name of its state-certified referee assignor to the VP of Rules and Regulations.

  • If a club fails to submit an assignor, then the VP of Rules and Regulations will instruct the League Assignor to assign referees to that club for their TFL home games. The club shall be responsible for all assignor fees, and any fees not paid within 30 days of an invoice shall be assessed against and taken from the club’s bond.

  • The VP of Rules and Regulations shall be responsible for all TFL matters pertaining to the club assignor.

  • Club referee assignor must use only currently USSF-certified referees (see Fines and Fees Listing).

  • Club referees shall have no interest in game outcomes. Referees should never officiate in any match where there is a vested interest. “Vested interest” is defined as when the official or a member of the official's family (spouse, child, or parent) or that person’s team may be affected by the outcome of the proceeding or match.

B. The VP of Rules and Regulations shall keep records of all matters pertaining to the referees and TFL.

C. Assignments and payment shall be made only to currently USSF-certified referees for services

  • Referee payment shall be made prior to the game.

  • Payment shall be a fifty-fifty split of the full fee by each team.

  • Referee fees owed to certified referees for a forfeited game shall be the responsibility of the team that forfeited.

  • Referee fees owed to certified referees, who are assigned to incorrect game times, shall be the responsibility of the home team's club.

  • The Board of Directors shall set forth the referee fee schedule for each season at the annual meeting (See Section 8, Pre-Game).

D. The VP of Rules and Regulations shall be the link between the club assignors and the referee association in regard to referee clinics and the assignor clinics.

E. Referee misconduct. All reports of referee misconduct shall be reported in writing, within forty-eight (48) hours of the misconduct, to the VP of Rules and Regulations.
The VP of Rules and Regulations shall forward such reports of misconduct, if proven valid, to the State Referee Administration's office within forty-eight (48) hours.

F. All club assignors must keep a game log, which shall be produced upon request by the VP Rules and Regulations. Failure to produce a game log, or a correctly-maintained game log, will result in a $100 club fine, and the assignor will be reprimanded.

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