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Welcome to the National Leagues Alliance (NLA)

Palm Beach Soccer League is the newest member of the National Leagues Alliance (NLA) - February, 2022

Palm Beach County, FL - after unsuccessful collaboration attempts with other South Florida Leagues (SFUYSA, EDP, MDSL) Palm Beach Soccer League (PBSL) leadership asked their members for a support to directly join the NLA. In an almost unanimous vote future-minded local PBSL clubs loudly said: "... the days of the status Quo, do nothing to improve leagues is over. Continuously claiming that leagues will get together in Orlando and do something, year after year, with no results to show for is not leadership, it's laziness!"



The National Leagues Alliance (NLA) is a symbol of strength, professionalism, and collaboration. The NLA was formed by and for like-minded leagues and organizations throughout the United States who believe in working together to help youth soccer players/families, coaches, teams, clubs, and leagues enjoy meaningful competitive matches, collaborate to improve youth soccer on a national level, and save money by receiving major Sponsor Benefits through industry-leading, internationally recognized companies like adidas,, Kwik Goal, United Soccer Coaches, SportsEngine by NBC Sports, Sprint, and more!

Membership to a National Platform; regardless of National Governing Body (i.e., US Club, USYS, USSSA, etc.).

  1. NLA National League and/or Regional League Membership

  2. Direct National Pathway from Your League to the NLA North American National Championship (league age group winners automatic berth).

  3. Low-Cost, High-Value Events and Crossover Play with NLA Member Leagues.

  4. Guaranteed Entrance into Top National Events (College Showcases, College Combines, The adidas National Cup, Festivals, etc.).

  5. A Guaranteed Low-Price Point for Top National Events (College Showcases, College Combines, The adidas National Cup, Festivals, etc.).

  6. Access to Exclusive Sponsors like adidas,, Kwik Goal, United Soccer Coaches, etc.

  7. Collaboration with Like-Minded League and Club Leaders.

  8. Professional Development for Like-Minded League and Club Leaders.

  9. Sharing of Resources and Best Practices within a National Platform.

  10. A Mechanism to Grow League Brands and Control More of Your Future.


Our league secured a major strategic partnerships with top brands from around the World. You can save time and money, receive significant discounts on tournaments, secure a pathway to national competitions, collaborate with like-minded executives, and more. What do they do? We are a National Clubs Alliance (NCA) member!

The NCA and its executive staff have spent thousands of hours securing the industry’s best strategic partnerships, so you don’t have to.

As an NCA member, you not only have an opportunity to build a portfolio of cash rebates, rebates, promotional value, and discounts, but you also get to promote your tournaments and events to other NCA members and drive up additional revenue. We have created an ecosystem of benefits that allows NCA members to share discounts with other NCA members.

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