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2022 Winter Season Starts Soon

The Florida League runs 3 separate seasons:

  • Fall Season | target 6-8 games* + playoffs | Sep - Nov

  • Winter Season | target 6 games* + playoffs | Nov - Feb

  • Spring Season | target 6-8 games* (no playoffs) | Feb - May

*by "6 games", we mean the following, subject to adjustment:

  • 4 teams in a bracket = 3 home + 3 away games

  • 5 teams in a bracket = 4 home + 4 away games (total 8)

  • 6 teams in a bracket = 5 games

  • 7 teams in a bracket = 6 games one game against each team

  • 8 teams in a bracket = 7 games one game against each team

  • 9 teams in a bracket = 8 games one game against each team, or possibly split the bracket, etc.

Fees for the Fall Season (similar structure for all other seasons):

  • $ 100 Early Registration - BEST DEAL for those who pay attention (option to pull out for free offered)

  • $ 125 Regular Fee - per season per team regular fee

  • $ 175 Late Registration - this is what you pay if you wait too long, and cause the schedule delay for everyone else

  • registration closes DOUBLE LATE $225 per team fee - (space permitting ONLY, at this point you are making us do some extra work so you pay for it, we want the kids to play so when we can we allow EXTENDED TIME, please try to avoid this at all cost)

"Play close to home" was introduced this year:

  • PBSL Broward for Miami + Broward + South Palm Beach Clubs

  • PBSL North for Central/North Palm Beach + Martin + St. Lucie + Okeechobee + Indian River Clubs


The concept of "promotion and relegation" or team placement was introduced last year, with success:

  • Competition Committee looks at prior results and places your team in the proper division

  • Input is welcome; the preferred division should be the one that gets you to win some games, lose some games, and tie some games

  • Winning record, you get promoted; losing record, you get relegated

  • Player development with the proper challenge is more important than a $10 trophy

Some of the information below from last season still applies, especially to new Clubs/Teams declaring for the Fall Season

  1. Club Reps - look at your GotSport's club page to verify all important Club Contacts are listed and accurate - you can fix these under users in your GotSport account - Clubs Tab

  2. Club Reps - check that all your game fields are listed and correct - you can fix those under Venues in your GotSport admin account - Fields Tab

  3. Club Reps - make sure all your declared teams are listed and that you did not miss any

  4. Club Reps, Coaches, and Managers - visit our website to check the updated Listing of Suspensions and Fines - DO NOT PLAY A KID, AND DO NOT COACH A GAME BEFORE YOUR FINES AND SUSPENSIONS ARE SATISFIED!!! - FINES AND SUSPENSIONS LISTING

  5. Club Reps, Coaches, Managers, and Referee Assignors - if you missed our Fall 2022 Meeting - here is the slideshow LINK

  6. ALL - visit our ever-growing DOCS Section for helpful information, including GotSport articles that will come in handy

  7. Club Reps and Team Managers - you can pay your Team Declaration fees in GotSport using a credit card or mail a check. If you need an invoice for all of your Club's Teams, please send a detailed request to and copy - THANKS


  • WHEN THE SCHEDULE COMES OUT, if you need us to swap your home game to the opponent's field - the current HOME TEAM should reach out to

  • WHEN THE SCHEDULE COMES OUT, all communication should be through GotSport CHAT FUNCTION -

  • any requests not agreed upon will be ignored; it is ultimately the home team's responsibility to play their home games; please be proactive!!!


    • We know that it's impossible to get any quick help from GotSport or FYSA!

    • But we also know that our kids want to play the games and that we owe it to them to make that happen!

    • If you have chosen not to attend any of the GotSport webinars, watch any recorded GotSport webinars, or come to any in-person GotSport webinars

    • If you missed all of our PBSL-organized training sessions with GotSport staff

    • And, if you have not done your part to be ready for the season, it is on you to find a way to make your schedule, rosters, player passes, and referee-assigning work in order to allow the kids to play the beautiful game we all love.

On behalf of the League's Volunteer Board of Directors, we wish you all a great season and see you all on the pitch.


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